My Friend is Having a Baby

When my friend started asking me about labour bag essentials, I honestly had no clue why she was asking. I was not pregnant, and I knew she was not either. I thought I had misunderstood her question, but she just started laughing at my confusion. That is when she told me she was indeed pregnant. She had just found out, and she explained that she was already thinking of everything from morning sickness and cravings to what she would need to take to the hospital when her water broke. She never brought up the hospital bag again, but I did not forget.

I knew I was going to throw her a baby shower. This was her first child, and I know that all of our friends as well as her family would want to celebrate with her. I decided to have the party when she was in her fifth month of pregnancy. I wanted to have it while she was still comfortable moving around, plus I did not want her to have to come out for this party in the winter months. I was just as bad as her husband in making sure she was safe and comfortable at all times.

I knew that I was going to get her some diapers as well as baby clothes. I also wanted to get her the labour bag though with everything she would need in it for the hospital. Yes, the hospital does supply the basics, but I knew she would need more than just that. The company I ordered from has different bags they provide. Some are just for the baby, and some are for the mom to be. There are even combinations of both, and that is what I decided to get for her. When she opened that gift at her shower, she had to laugh because of how she told me she was pregnant!